How We’re Navigating the New Now of Content Marketing

When i expected to talk with many of you in person this week at all of our Viet Bai Xuyen Viet ContentTECH Summit in beautiful San Diego. However , for the protection of our attendees, sponsors, and team members, we made a good swift decision to postpone the event until August and are generally hard at work on virtual elements. Not long after, stay-at-home orders issued first in California and then in most other regions made in-person events of all kinds impossible in the short term and not sure in the longer term.

Nearly every person and every organization is becoming upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charles Dickens’ classic tier from A Tale of Two Cities echoes in my mind: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. ”

I appreciate the time with my college-age children in addition to my spouse. But I miss the ability to hug plus socialize with friends and extended family. Stories of people who have easily recovered from the virus bring a sigh of relief. But stories of others who haven’t are gut-wrenching.

I’m saddened by and worried about the impact of all the businesses that have shuttered. But I’m in awe of the quick switch to new business models some are pulling off to last afloat, contribute to the effort to contain the virus, or to produce useful services in a safely distanced way.

You’ve in all probability heard about these short-term pivots:

Distilleries making hand sanitizer
Digital tours of museums (the International Spy Art gallery calls theirs “missions”)
Clothing companies churning out point masks
Restaurants offering outdoor pickup or contactless shipment (including groceries, as well as prepared food)
Film studios delivering promising new movies straight to streaming services
Cinemas delivering curbside movie-theater popcorn
Gyms and trainers offering , the burkha classes
Teachers offering lessons to entertain and tutor cooped-up kids
Some version of these models will stay on play – at least in part – once we get to the fresh new normal. And new versions will emerge too.

Finding your way through the new normal is something the CMI team considers every day. We aren’t on the front lines saving resides, delivering food, or keeping the proverbial lights on. Numerous in our audience work for organizations that are and others are organisations, agencies, and solo practices that are looking for ways to keep covering customers, care for employees, and prepare for what comes after that.

So , instead of trading ideas with a small set of everyone in San Diego, I hope we can do it here. I’ll publish some steps we’ve taken to adjust (and some we’re planning) and I hope you’ll share the steps you’re currently taking or how we can help your organization by posting in the opinions or sending an email.

Take it (even more) virtual
That has a fully remote team and a healthy set of online occurrences and training in place before the pandemic, we’re no strangers to virtual work. But , like many organizations, we will doubling down now. Here are a few changes we’ve made for your audience, sponsors, and team.

Expand digital components of exist events
As I mentioned, we moved ContentTECH Summit towards August in the hope that stay-at-home orders and corporate go restrictions would be safely eased by then. But we’re yet thinking strategically about virtual elements to complement both ContentTECH Summit and Content Marketing World in October.

Here’s why: Even if people can travel, available budgets won’t allow it. And plenty of people will still feel related to mixing with others in person. We’re exploring digital add-ons to the events to open the experience to our whole audience inspite of their willingness or ability to travel.

This isn’t different territory for us. We’ve always offered virtual elements (on-demand video of conference sessions and livestreamed interviews on the CMWorld expo hall, for example). But we’re constantly pushing ourselves to think creatively and strategically about new multimedia experiences to offer in conjunction with the in-person event. We’ve received some benefit ideas from our speaker community, and we’d enjoy hear your ideas as well.

Add new virtual content
Adapting to the current situation has pushed us to add more virtual-learning opportunities. In addition to the webinars we regularly run nearly every Mondy, we now offer occasional 30-minute Tech Talks on Fridays. Recent topics include ideas for pivoting content marketing while in the coronavirus disruption and preparing for the new normal. You can see checklist of upcoming Wednesday and Friday webinars here. They’re free and, if you can’t watch them live, catch them regarding demand.